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IES Applicants at the Doorstep

This project is an extension of a researcher practitioner partnership originally between University of Washington and Spokane Public Schools (SPS). The study will investigate whether an enhancement to the process through which applicant data are collected from professional references (PRs) can improve teacher selection. In particular, we will ask PRs to rate teacher applicants relative to their peers on a series of criteria demonstrated to be predictive of positive teacher outcomes and student achievement.

The collection of letters of recommendation is already a standard procedure in the great majority of school districts and the collection of ratings data may represent relatively “low hanging fruit” as a means of improving teacher selection

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Goldhaber, D., Grout, C., & Huntington-Klein, N. (2017). Screen twice, cut once: Assessing the predictive validity of applicant selection tools. Education Finance and Policy, 12(2), 197-223.
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Martinková, P., Goldhaber, D., & Erosheva, E. (2018). Disparities in ratings of internal and external applicants: A case for model-based inter-rater reliability. PloS one, 13(10), e0203002.


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