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Dr. Dan Goldhaber is the Director of the Center for Analysis of Longitudinal Data in Education Research (CALDER, at the American Institutes for Research and the Director of the Center for Education Data & Research (CEDR, at the University of Washington. Learn more about Dan under the Experts tab.

Dan Goldhaber


Cyrus Grout's research focuses on exploring how public pension structures influence the composition of the teacher workforce and how applicant information is utilized during teacher recruitment and hiring processes. His other research interests include public policy analysis, incentive mechanisms, and the interaction of land use regulation and property rights. Cyrus holds degrees from Occidental College (BA, Economics) and Oregon State University (PhD, Agricultural and Resource Economics). Cyrus can be reached at

Cyrus Grout


Malcolm Wolff is a PhD student in Statistics at the University of Washington. His current work assesses the predictive validity of teacher candidate letters of recommendation freeform application text on future classroom performance outcomes using natural language processing and statistical learning. Malcolm can be reached at mlw32[at]uw[dot]edu

Malcolm Wolff


Nate Brown entered education research following several years of experience as a case manager in a community mental health and public health setting. Nate holds a BS in Neuroscience from Washington State University and an MA in Policy Studies from the University of Washington, Bothell. Nate is currently working on projects related to the teacher labor market, teacher licensure, and international comparative education. Nate can be reached at

Nate Brown


Erica Mallett is a PhD student in Educational, Policy, Organizations, and Leadership at the University of Washington. Her research interests include, the implementation of school finance reform with a focus on racial equity, and the implementation of any intervention designed to increase educational opportunities for disenfranchised students. Her current research with CEDR explores how changes in teacher salaries impact retirement decisions and pension obligations, and Career and Technical Education teachers impact on special education students. Erica can be reached at

Erica Mallet


Andrew Katz is a Data Analyst at CEDR currently working on projects related to teacher preparation, strategic district partnerships, and teacher staffing challenges. Andrew can be reached at 

Andrew Katz


Katie Choate comes to CEDR after working for the Washington Legislature as a research analyst for the House Education Committee. She received her BA in Education and is certified as an Elementary Ed. Teacher in Washington State. She received her Masters in Public Administration from the University of Washington Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, specializing in education policy and data analysis. You can reach Katie at

Kathryn Choate


Trevor Gratz's research investigates the relationship between the design of financial aid policies and students' post-secondary attainment, interventions to improve the educational effectiveness of pre-service teachers, and the intersection of health, healthcare, and students educational outcomes. Trevor received his BS in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Washington and his MS in Nursing from Pacific Lutheran University. Trevor can be reached at

Trevor Gratz


Stephanie Liddle is a Research Analyst at CEDR. Her work supports projects that link teachers and students.  Her focus is estimating value-added models in Washington State to measure and track teacher effectiveness over time.

Stephanie Liddle



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