Strategic Districts Partnership Initiative

In this era of accountability, Washington State school districts collect an unprecedented amount of data about their schools, teachers, and students. These efforts are consistent with current trends in state and federal policy, but it is not always clear exactly how district and school leaders can use these data to improve policy and practice in order to enhance student learning.

To address this problem, CEDR has created partnerships with Washington State school districts to support the productive use of data. The Strategic Districts Partnership Initiative (SDPI) is designed to provide school districts with additional analytic capacity and to assist them in building their own capacity to conduct research and implement evidence-based practice.

Using a combination of state and local data, SDPI can shed light on questions such as:

· How effective are the teachers in a given district compared to the rest of the state?

· Do reading specialists improve student outcomes?

· How do different district reading curricula impact student learning?

Currently, the districts of Anacortes, Bellevue, Bethell, Kent, Nooksack, Odessa, Oroville, Renton, Seattle, Spokane, and Tacoma are participating in the SDPI. By sharing data with CEDR, districts contribute information that is vital to understanding the impact of current policies on students. With input from more districts in the state, CEDR will be able to apply rigorous research methods with adequate sample sizes to questions and concerns about the teachers and students in local schools.

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Recent or Ongoing Studies

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    CEDR recently hosted a symposium to discuss CEDR's work and the potential of the Strategic District Partnership. To view a .pdf of the PowerPoint presentation, click here.

  • Like every state, Washington State has longstanding requirements for initial entry into the teacher workforce, and Washington also has a unique second-tier credentialing program. The �Teacher Training and ReCertification� study focuses on the effectiveness and effects of Washington�s teacher preparation and recertification policies.

  • As part of Washington State�s efforts to improve and ensure the quality of its teacher workforce, it has recently introduced a new, evidence-based assessment of teaching called the ProTeach Portfolio. The �New Test, Same Question: The Washington State ProTeach Portfolio� study aims to assess the relationship between teacher performance on this new assessment and student achievement.

  • Like most states, Washington is suffering from the consequences of the economic downturn. In the 2008-09 school year, over 2000 teachers in Washington State received layoff notices, and continued tough economic times suggest that there will be more. The �Better With Age: Seniority-Based Teacher Layoffs� study focuses on which teachers receive layoff notices and the implications of layoffs for students.